Rebel Wilson recently posted a picture on Instagram of her and some of her co-stars from the upcoming ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ movie. Aside from the obvious excitement at the prospect of a third instalment, the picture stirred up another reaction: fury!
[Image via Instagram rebelwilson]

The reason? Ms Wilson appears to be wearing a more conservative version of the costume that the other ladies in shot are wearing. Closer inspection of her Instagram feed reveals that there are only two people not wearing a halterneck, and they are both plus-size.

Hmm, odd. But surely an anomaly?

Well, check out these images and see if you can spot what they have in common...

That’s right, only the plus-size women are in costumes that cover their shoulders. Is there something about plus-size ladies shoulders that Hollywood finds offensive? Or is there a pervasive belief that anyone over a size 12 can’t wear strapless/sleeveless styles?

Either way it's obviously completely ludicrous. Shoulder-baring styles are on-trend, perfect for summer and look fabuous on EVERYONE!

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