This Sunday is Mother’s day, and if you’re stuck for ideas (or indeed flat broke since it’s not quite payday), why not arrange a movie night just for you and your mum?

Get the prosecco on ice, the popcorn in the microwave, and choose from one of these top Mother’s Day movies...

Freaky Friday.

The original version of this body-swap classic is always worth a watch, but we can’t get enough of the Curtis/Lohan chemistry. You and your mum will both appreciate this one.

The Kids Are Alright.

Complications arise when two teenagers who were conceived using an anonymous sperm donor track down their biological father, much to the dismay of their lesbian mums. A modern story about a modern family.


Fair warning, you and your mum will have to be in the mood for a full-on weep-fest for this one. Terminally ill Susan Sarandon has to prepare her kids - and their new stepmother - for life without her. *Sob*


If you and your mum are Disney fans (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then this animated battle of wills between mother and daughter is the obvious choice. Also a great choice as it's the most feminist of all the Disney princess films. Take that Frozen! There, I said it.

Erin Brockovich.

Based on the true story of a single mother who took on the world’s largest public utility company, and successfully helped take them to court for poisoning a communities water supply. Empowering stuff.

Away We Go.

There’s every chance this sweet indie film has passed you by, and if it has then Mother’s Day is the perfect time to check it out. John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph star as a couple expecting their first baby, who travel across America looking for their forever home.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

“You hungry?”


“OK, I’ll just make you a sandwich.”

The mum in My Big Fat Greek Wedding is all our mums.

Serial Mom.

If you and your mum like your comedy on the dark side, this is the perfect choice for Sunday. Kathleen Turner plays a picture-perfect wife and mother who’ll go to murderous lengths to protect her family.