We’re all for pushing the boundaries when it comes to fashion and make up, but it has to be said, sticking pom poms to our faces is on the extreme side.

The humble pom pom has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, (we’re pretty sure we have Kirsty Allsopp to thank), and as a result tiny colourful balls of wool have been popping up everywhere.

We’ve seen them on bags, we’ve seen them on shoes and as seen here on this super-summery longline blouse, we’ve been using them to give our wardrobes a boho makeover.

However, if the wonderful world of Instagram is to be believed, using pom poms as make up is now also an actual thing.

This is being done to varying degrees of subtlety and indeed success, but everyone trying this look has in common is an adventurous spirit!
[Image via Instagram @marindamonkey]

[Image via Instagram @annepromakeupart]

[Image via Instagram @annepromakeupart]

So, will you be hitting Hobbycraft, or sticking to No 7?