We love a good nail trend, but of late Instagram has been awash with fiddly, impractical or just plain weird manicures.

With everything from scary vampire nails to actual living plants being attached to the ends of fingers, we have to ask; have nail art trends just gone too far?

If the answer for you is a resounding ‘yes’, then this new trend will come as a welcome relief. It’s subtle, it’s pretty and best of all, it's easy to replicate!

The idea is to transform your talons into rose quartz, and the effect as you can see, is beautiful.
[Image via Instagram @jamiepaigebeauty]

[Image via Instagram @st8cy]

[Image via Instagram @rockysivilay]

If you want to recreate this look at home, start with a pale pink base, then use a thin brush to add lines in white. Use the same brush dipped in nail polish remover to blur the lines slightly, then finish with a top coat.

Voila! The perfect summer manicure!

[Cover image: earthorigin.net]

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