There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes here at Lovedrobe HQ, and we can FINALLY announce that Topsy Curvy are officially joining the Lovedrobe team!!!

If you’re familiar with Topsy Curvy you may already know that its founder Jo along with her friend Nat have dedicated themselves to providing fun, fashion-forward clothes to plus size customers.

But unless you’ve met this dynamic duo face-to-face, what you won’t be aware of is the infectious, boundless energy that fills the room when they walk in! Seriously, the office will never be the same!

Jo, who has always loved picking out clothes for her friends, founded Topsy Curvy in 2013 after recognising that there were no plus size fashion brands with an advocate who represented actual real plus size people.

“They were all celebrities who looked perfect, just a bit bigger than average. No rolls, no back fat, no double chins!”

That’s when Jo decided to start her own boutique using herself as a model, and people loved it!

She soon amassed a huge following and joined forces with Nat, who was one of Jo’s best customers. The pair share the same gorgeous sense of style and together are genuinely a force to be reckoned with!

Topsy Curvy have stocked Lovedrobe from the beginning, and Jo and Nat love the range of clothes on offer. They believe that by joining the Lovedrobe team, where they’ll take a hand-on design role, we can combine the best of both our stylish worlds to create something new and exciting.

We are SO thrilled to welcome Topsy Curvy to the Lovedrobe family, and can’t wait to bring you brand new collections with Topsy Curvy’s unique stamp on them.