10 Body Positive Accounts to Follow Today

10 Body Positive Accounts to Follow Today

Social media is known as a place where people post the highlights of their lives - unrealistic photos of “bikini bodies in far away places, fad diets and selfies using photo filters, and are just some of the things that make it easy to compare yourself and your life to others, which can make you feel down in the dumps.

Thankfully, there is a growing body-positive movement that embraces humans of all shapes, sizes, colours, strengths, abilities and disabilities.

We have put together just a few of the amazing people and accounts that you follow to add a bit of positivity into your own newsfeed.


1. stephanieyeboah 

Stephanie is a body image/self-love blogger who talks about mental health, sharing her own challenges and traumas involving experiencing fatphobia, bullying, self-esteem and confidence issues. If you love her account, you'll probably also like her book, Fattily Ever After: A Black Fat Girl's Guide to Living Life Unapologetically.


2. Michelle Lelman

By the time she turned 20, Michelle had undergone 15 surgeries to address a variety of health issues. It took her years to accept the scars left on her body as proof of survival — a journey she details in her memoir, Am I Ugly? One Woman's Journey to Body Positivity. Now, Michelle uses her Instagram to help others embrace their own unique bodies for all the things they allow us to do.


3. love_disfigure

When Sylvia was two years old, she experienced third-degree burns on her back, legs and stomach. It took her more than 30 years to accept the scars left behind. In 2017 Sylvia started Love Disfigure, a campaign to empower people to show off their bodies and overcome the shame of perceived imperfections. She is now the CEO of an inclusive agency that represents people with differences & disabilities.


5. theshirarose

Shira is an eating disorder therapist who helps people battle the same issues she's faced herself. She's now on a mission to help dismantle stigmas around fatness and enable people of all shapes and sizes to get the treatment they deserve from society.



6. florence.simpsonn 

Florence Simpson is a body-positive activist and social media influencer. She creates relatable content on TikTok and Instagram around mental health, fashion and body image.


7. bbcbodypositive

 A space to share, celebrate and connect. A space that champions self-acceptance. A space where everyBODY is represented. Full of tips, advice and inspiration.


8. i_weigh

 “Radical inclusivity so no one feels alone” - i Weigh. Full of tips and inspiration to accept yourself for who you are. “If we all looked the same the world would be a f**king boring place”.


9. nehaparulkar 

Neha Parulkar is a body positive influencer who is plus and proud. She flaunts her curves with pride, and shatters any notion that only slim is beautiful. Through social media Neha encourages women to embrace themselves for who they are.


10. meganjaynecrabbe 

Creates engaging, relatable content around body empowerment, mental health, feminism and eating disorder recovery. She has written a best selling book called ‘Body Positive Power’ a manifesto on all the reasons why we hate our bodies, and how to change them.

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