#LoveYourSelfMoreInMay Mission Statement

#LoveYourSelfMoreInMay Mission Statement

The idea for #LoveYourselfMoreInMay came about after reading a document created by the ‘Mental Health Foundation’. Did you know that “over a third of UK adults have felt anxious or depressed because of their body image” with “one in five adults saying that social media caused them to worry about their body image”.

These facts got me thinking…

I began looking into this further to find accounts, articles, people and more that are part of the self-love/body positive movement. I also found a wonderful quote which stood out to me ‘My happiest moments in life had nothing to do with the way my body looked’ - unknown.

After being inspired I decided to pitch the idea to the rest of the Lovedrobe team, and we began to come up with ways we could inspire confidence, self-acceptance and self-love, whilst creating a fun and interactive month for our followers to be involved in.

By setting challenges, creating downloadable content and showcasing some of our favourite body positive influencers throughout the month of May, we hope that our followers end the month with the tools to feel confident in May, throughout the summer and beyond.

Our goal is to encourage people to prioritise their well-being and embrace their bodies, regardless of their shape or size. To cultivate a culture where our followers feel confident and comfortable in their own skin and are motivated to take care of themselves both physically and mentally that extends beyond the month of May.

So if you’re ready give yourself the self-acceptance and self-love you deserve then join us throughout May for #LoveYourselfMoreInMay.


Jodie x

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