Behind The Scenes of our Lovedrobe Campaign Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes of our Lovedrobe Campaign Photoshoot

Our latest Lovedrobe Luxe Collection is nearly here so we thought we’d share what we got up to on the day of the campaign photoshoot.

We photographed our latest collection back in June, at the beautiful Tatton Park in Knutsford. We had access to the Conservatory & Fernery which was full to the brim of botanical flowers and plants, the perfect match for our latest Collection ‘Midsummer Botanicals’.

We photographed the latest collection with an all female team, including:

Photographer – Olivia

Videographer – Katey

Photography Assistant – Libby

Model – Aisha

HMUA - Siana

Social Media - Jodie

Assistants – Lollo, Keniz and Karolina

On the day

9:00am - Team arrives and the assistants start to unpack and steam the clothing ready to start shooting. Olivia, Katie and Libby get together the equipment they will need whilst Jodie starts to capture some BTS Content.

9.15am - Hair and Make-up start. The inspiration has been chosen by the creative team but Siana (HMUA) brings the ideas to life.

10.30am - Aisha is now ready so we walk to the Fernery & Conservatory, which is the first location on our shot list. Both spots are stunning, and we begin capturing lots of content of the dresses, including; campaign images and videos, BTS content and TikToks that will be edited and ready for us to share when we launch.

1pm - After capturing lots of gorgeous content we break for lunch and enjoy a lovely veggie picnic underneath a tree on the grass in the gardens.

2pm - Hair and Make-up Retouches

2.15pm - Restart shooting

3.30pm - 15-minute break, resume shooting

4.30pm-5pm Wrap time - After a successful day of photographing the new collection we leave feeling tired but excited to share what we have created!

Fast-Forward and it’s now just two weeks until our Midsummer Botanicals Collection Launches and we can’t wait to show you!

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