The Lockdown Self-care Checklist

The Lockdown Self-care Checklist



- Get some fresh air

Whether it’s going for a walk (keep it local and a safe distance from others) or simply throwing open a window getting some fresh air into your lungs can help boost your mood and blow away the cobwebs. While working from home we’ve been making the most of the beginning of spring and basking in any spots of sunlight and taking any opportunity to sit outside. Utilise your gardens, balconies or even doorsteps (my sun basking spot of choice) for your lunch break or morning coffee.



- Pamper yourself (the full works)

Whatever a full body pamper looks like to you, use this time to really indulge yourself in your beauty regime. We’re talking full body exfoliating, moisturising and any tinting or tanning activities your heart desires. Now’s the time to crack open all those hoarded lotions and potions your aunt bought you for Christmas and have a experiment.  So fill your bath with bubbles and slather on that “before special occasions only” facemask in the bathroom cupboard and relax to your fave chill playlist.  *adds cucumbers to the essentials shop*

When you’re all scrubbed and polished – try out new ways of doing your hair and makeup or if you’re feeling really adventurous allow your other half/family member to give you a makeover.

Finish by taking 100’s of selfies. (tag us PLEASE!)



- Read that unopened book

You know the one; it’s been looking at you from the bookshelf since you bought it last year with all the best intentions of getting engrossed in a new story. Reading is super soothing and will spark your imagination. Struggling to relax in the evening? Swap Netflix for a good read and a cuppa. If you’re REALLY after something to fill your time start writing your own.


- Face time friends and family

With so many of us now facing being apart from loved ones for a unsure amount of time staying connected is so important for your mental health. Group chats over *insert your chosen platform here* have really helped keep the loneliness at bay. Friday nights we go to the virtual pub and raise a drink together, Wednesday is quiz night hosted by a different member each week complete with picture round. Separated from your partner? Try a virtual date night! You could cook the same meal together, order each other a takeaway or watch a film together on Netflix.  So if you’re feeling isolated, just pick up the phone and work your way through your phone book and check in your nearest and dearest.


- Move your body

Being plus size this can be such a difficult topic when being bombarded with lockdown weight gain memes and home work out routines on social media. Now more than ever it’s important to rewire our thought process around exercise. When you shift your focus from exercising to change your body to using exercise as a tool to lift your mood your outlook can completely change. Whether you’re soaking up the sunshine on a walk round the block, dancing to your favourite song or running the hoover round the house if you’re moving it counts. Find something you can slot into your routine that doesn’t feel like a ‘new year new me’ overhaul of your daily life. Most importantly be kind to yourself and your body.



- Take social media breaks

During social distancing social media can be a great tool for us to stay connected and entertained.  But how much is too much?  As social media can be a hotbed of anxiety inducing headlines and #fakenews . Try to implement a ‘once a day only’ rule for checking the news, choose a reliable source and unfollow unhelpful accounts to ensure your feed consists of positivity and helpful updates. Instead try following good news accounts, pet pages and artists to create a happy bubble for yourself!




 - Cook a meal from scratch

Whether you’re on your own or feeding a family making a meal from scratch is a great way to spend your afternoon. It doesn’t have to be anything ground breaking, just throwing together what you’ve got in your cupboards and getting creative when you’re running low on your usual staples. You never know what you might create!


And finally, we’ve kept the most important one until last…


 - Give yourself a break

There is a narrative being thrown around that we should be using this time as a gift to change up our lives. Here is your friendly reminder that you do not need to come out of lockdown speaking three new languages and holding a completed business plan for your new start up.  If you are feeling inspired to create, learn a new skill or take this time to do some DIY and revamp your space then great! If not, remember that’s fine too.  

Whatever you do, be kind to yourself and those around you.  

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